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Changes to entry restrictions for several countries and areas 

Interval extended between the first and second dose of the vaccine (April 30.)

Increased use of mass testing in order to reopen society (April 23.)

Press conferenses


Press conference of october 28.

Press conference of September 24.

Press conference of September 17.

Press conferese of September 8.

Press conferense of September 2.

Press conferense of August 27.


Press releases

Entry restrictions and coronavirus measures in the municipalities to continue (October 28.)

Deferral of decision regarding a second dose for 12 to 15-year-olds (October 24.)

Norway moves to normal everyday life with increased emergency preparedness (September 24.)

Entry restrictions will be gradually lifted (September 24.)

What does 'Normal everyday life with increased emergency preparedness’ mean? (September 17.)

Downscaled TISK to be introduced in the municipalities (September 17.)

People in risk groups to be offered a free flu vaccine from their municipality (September 17.)

Travel and combining vaccines (September 3.)

Norway to remain at Step 3 (September 2.)

Vaccination offered to 12 and 15-year-olds (September 2.)

Entry restrictions eased for romantic partners and family members (September 2.)

More vaccines approved in the COVID-19 certificate (September 2.)